Albert Cheung

albertMaster Albert Cheung (BSc.Tech) is a scholar and lecturer on the subject of Chinese metaphysics and wisdom, an occupationthat he realized from a young age was to become his life mission. His interest in the subject dates from early school days when he discovered that scientific phenomena goes much deeper than causality: day-to-day cause and effect. To popularize and share his knowledge on the subject, he has created and designed a wide range of books and products: Success on all levels, The I-Ching Wisdom, The I-Ching Pictorial Guide, The Strategy & Tactics (card & book set), The Emperor’s Stargate, all of which provide simple techniques to be easily applied in everyday life. In 2002, Master Albert was awarded the Innovative Entrepreneur award by the HK Junior chamber of commerce for his design of the iching-tarot (a card deck used as a divination and inspirational tool).

Currently he is a visiting lecturer at the HK Polytechnic University, the Chinese University teaching subjects on Wealth management, I-Ching, Fengshui, The Art of War, Creativity….He also writes for magazines, periodicals and is frequently interviewed for TV and magazines to predict events and share his views of things in the aspect of Chinese wisdom. In 2006, 2007, 2011, and 2012, Master Albert was been invited by CNN to give predictions on local and world events.

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