Secret Testimonials


“Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Secrets to Drama-free Love has an in depth approach to help you find the love you deserve. Written by experts in their fields who really know what they are talking about, you’ll be taken on a journey of self-discovery and start to rip down the walls you’ve been putting up whilst trying to date.”

–Jonathan Bird, CEO of Singles Warehouse.


“Be ready for your soul to be read. It’s a rare opportunity. By showing examples of others’ pitfalls, this book will get you in the right mindset for a relationship.”

–Marc Lesnick, Conference Organizer, iDate Dating Industry Conference


“Too much drama in your love life? Lorii Abela has gathered ten experts in everything from self-love to enhancing your relationships with Feng Shui, online dating, matchmaking, dynamic touch technique, and more. If you read this timely, personal resource, you’ll have plenty of ways to create drama-free love for yourself!”

–Eve Hogan, author, speaker, educator, relationship specialist, “One of 5 powerful women who are making a positive difference,” says HuffPo.


“Secrets to Drama-Free Love will awake your senses and  excite you about dating and relationships. A lovely fun guide for singles…”

–Rose Leung, Feng Shui Romance Strategist, Founder of


“Love is the greatest and worst experience you could endure. It’s NOT about the other person. It’s about YOU. Take this opportunity to gain essential skills to create your ideal love life. It is possible, as long as you do the inner work. You hold the power in this book to reinvent yourself and get what you deserve. It all starts with you!”

–Sabah Fakhoury, Founder of Sabah Communications and host of Authentic1Voice.


“The experts in Secrets to Drama-Free Love are very passionate about helping people improve their existing relationships and create new wonderful relationships in their lives.”

–Jona Xiao, Hollywood Actress and CEO of