Secret Compiler

Lorii Abela Photo

Hello!  I do not believe in accidents.  Synchronicity brought you here.  It is the same reason why I am introducing myself to you now for whatever purpose; I do not know yet. Maybe you can tell me what you found out later.

Just once in my lifetime, I decided to move many miles away from my home country – the Philippines. It was an exciting experience planning my move to New York.  I was open to whatever the Universe would bring to me.

The second day after I arrived, I got hired! Like any newbie, I had to explore a gazillion things.  I had to get accustomed to my new environment, the people, the food and, of course, dating.

The first book I got hold of about dating was written by a Manhattanite who said she had dated a hundred men!  I was thinking, “Oh Wow, that is too much.”  Little did I know that I would go through the very same experience.  Actually, if you have ever tried online dating, it is not far from becoming a reality.

I have witnessed how love can be aloof and unresponsive. You can date many men – just like in the fairy tale: “kiss many frogs,” as it were. It was not only happening to me, but also to countless women in The City.  Sex and the City – the TV show – is nothing less than a reality show. You can meet many men, but the connection just does not happen.  It was strange, as there are millions of singles in New York.

By nature, I like helping people; so whoever did not match up with my criteria would most likely be introduced to some friends.  To some extent, I have had some luck in matching up people – some even got married!

Fast forward: I decided to move to Chicago because one time when I visited, I said to myself, “This is where I will find my soul mate.” And so it was! I found him in my 40’s.  And, now I will be a first-time bride at 50!

I know there is hope for a lot of women just like me across the globe.  I am a single individual but I am connected to each and every individual in this Universe.  I felt the pain of being frustrated, unhappy and worried that I would be forever alone.

I have read many books on love, dating and relationships but I have never come across a book which is a compilation by different experts.  It gave me an idea: if those who have been in the industry for ages can’t make it happen, then I will make it happen.  I have done many projects in my Jaycee years, so I thought: “What is one more project – and one that can help millions of people all over the world?!”. Thus, Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life came about.

I am worldly by nature and so the selection of international experts followed suit. I am absolutely happy with the wonderful group that I have formed.  Together, we gelled to a plan that will guide you – the whole shebang – from preparing yourself for a relationship – right through to keeping it. This book is a carefully crafted “Masterpiece” that I can say will be talked about for a while….I am not saying this just because I compiled it but because the hearts which were put into this have a bigger vision – a vision that involves your joy and happiness!

To a juicy love life!

Much love,