Secret Mission

Just like a superhero, once in your lifetime, you would want to save as many people as you have to; as many as you can. There are many unsung heroes in the world that have never been recognized. Writing a book to help singles just seemed to have more impact because it would be published and set in print for all to see.

When the book was envisioned, the main purpose was to be able to reach out to as many single women as we could, so that they could experience true joy in finding the love of their life. Then, the men came forth asking for information that they can use.

After the amazing success of Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life, Volume 1 and 2, Lorii Abela is back with another anthology called “Secrets to Drama-Free Love!”  Secrets to Drama-Free Love is aimed to help singles around the globe create successful relationships. Our authors address both men and women. They give the secrets to making real connections and making those connections last. Enough of the lonely nights, looking for love at the wrong places, frustration, unhappiness and worrying that they’ll be alone forever.

We believe that, collaboratively, we can make a difference. Dating coaches, personal coaches, psychotherapists, se and matchmakers have big hearts and a massive intention to help as many singles as possible.

Secrets to Drama-Free Love presents you with 9 experts that were specially handpicked from around the globe based on their expertise so they can equip you with knowledge, and collectively transform you into the best ‘you’ possible. They’ve provided exercises you can apply immediately; examples that they personally used in order to solve their own concerns; and also some of the stories of their clients, who are now successful after learning and implementing their teachings.

This mission is to provide information to singles about loving oneself, finding love, dating, keeping their relationship and avoiding hurtful mistakes.

We have planted some seeds for you; the next move is yours! Are you ready for a “drama-free” love life?