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Singles are looking for “soulmates.”  Moreover, a “drama-free” love.  The world is vast.  A multitude of singles exist.  But the “type” that singles are looking for has become rare.  Discover the deep insights and invaluable skills necessary for you to reach your goals.

Life and relationship coaches, matchmakers, psychologists, online dating and feng-shui experts from the world over unite to delve into the intricacies of loving self and finding and keeping a relationship.   Dare to expand your horizons and go outside of your comfort zone. Inside you’ll know the secrets to:

- Feng shui as an enhancement to your love life and the hush hush relationships of Lady Diana’s through this Eastern art

- Cross-cultural relationship truths as experienced by FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg

- How to woo someone as beautiful as Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach

- The marvels of what a matchmaker can do for you

- Avoiding the tortures of first dates

- How to meet your soulmate

- What you should know before you drop your panties

- How to help him make a decision to marry you in 30 days and many more

- When you are done reading Secrets to Drama-Free Love, you’ll know without a doubt how to find your soulmate and have a more fulfilling love life. No more secrets.